fashion at #Shaner's Merchandise"_ a trademark and much more. It is styled around customer service experience. With men's & and women's clothing designs. Catering to men & and women of all ages, sizes, and budgets finding their dream outfits to complete their vision.

Shane Lutz is the secret behind Shaner's Merchandise his confidence and consistent hard work are unmatched.

Shaner's Merchandise opened up in 2023. And while working at his other business job he started thinking and had an idea of opening up his online store.

A Canadian Citizen born in Burnaby Bc Canada. Accomplishing what you started growing a business and achieving great progress is the start of Shaner's Merchandise.

Shane always says family comes first a friendly smart and passionate person to family comes other means to show the same thing towards business as to setting goals.

A lover of art, writing, and fashion brings his unique charm to Shaner's Merchandise.

Your visit to Shaner's Merchandise, its website, and its social media platforms means the world to us. To my loyal customers the browser, to my inquisitive first-time shopper... I salute you and look forward to serving you. 

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